Annual Health Examinations

Hearing checkup of dog by the veterinarian

In an annual exam we evaluate your pets overall health by taking a thorough history and examining their major body systems. These include eyes, ears, teeth, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, abdomen, skin and coat. We also focus our examination on any specific concerns you may have

Puppy and Kitten Examinations

veterinarian with stethoscope is examining cute grey cat

Your puppy or kitten’s first examination is very important. During this appointment we like to make our new patient feel as comfortable as possible. We will acquire a thorough history and then perform a complete physical exam to ensure that that there aren’t any pre-existing conditions that could affect your new pets health in the future. We will discuss vaccines, parasite control, spay/neuter, behavior concerns, nutrition, and answer any questions you may have about your new pet.

Senior Pet Exams

Old Boxer Dog and Cat Napping

Depending on their breed pets seven years or older are considered seniors. These pets often have age related issues such as arthritis, kidney disease, periodontal disease, heart disease, diabetes, and senility. We recommend bi annual exams for our geriatric patients and offer a senior wellness package to monitor any changes in their health.


chihuahua and syringe in front of white background

While many vaccines are available for your pet we will evaluate your pet’s lifestyle to determine which ones are necessary to keep them healthy. Our reminder system will keep your pet current on their vaccines.


Is a simple procedure that can be performed during a regularly scheduled appointment. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is placed under the skin between the shoulder blades. You then register your pet by filling out a simple contact information sheet. All animal hospitals and shelters have scanners that will ensure your pet is returned to you as quickly as possible.

Dental Care

Veterinarian examining teeth of a cat while doing checkup at clinic
Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT) -This includes patient history such as diet, chewing habits, home dental care, and conscious oral examination. -Pre-anesthetic diagnostics such as blood work, thoracic radiographs, urine analysis, or any other tests indicated based on any health issues your pet may have. -General anesthesia, patient monitoring, and intravenous fluid administration. -Gross calculus removal and charting of teeth. -Digital dental x rays. -Scaling above and below the gum line. -Extractions, minor periodontal surgery, restorative work, and biopsy/mass removal if indicated per owner approval. -Teeth are polished. -Flushing of oral cavity and sulci. -Application of local antibiotic and temporary sealant of teeth called oravet gel per owner approval. -Recovery from anesthesia.

Veterinary Oral Health Council Link: Veterinary approved dental products and instructions on brushing.


Cat staring at camera on blurred background

If your pet becomes anxious visiting the clinic we can arrange a home visit. Please phone the office to schedule.


bull dog watching outside from car

If you are traveling to another state or country with your pet you may need a current physical examination and health certificate. We will arrange all the paperwork and timing of tests to ensure that your pet is ready for your travel date.

Digital Radiography

Cat Abdominal X-ray

Digital x-rays allow us to obtain higher quality images quickly. We also routinely have the images interpreted by a boarded veterinary radiologist who provides us with a written report within hours or the same day. These images are also available to share with veterinary referral practices and UC Davis Veterinary School if further care is needed.

End of Life Care (Euthanasia)

dog rests gently on women shoulder while looking view

Saying goodbye is never easy. We are here to make sure your pet’s passing is peaceful and dignified. The doctor can answer any questions to you may have about the procedure. In home euthanasia can also be scheduled to make this difficult time less stressful for pets and their owners. Once your pet has passed we can provide services such as cremation, burial, and pet funerals.
Making the decision:
Are we able to control your pet’s discomfort?
Can your pet control his or her urination and defecation?
Can your pet move when he or she chooses to do so?
Is your pet eating and drinking on a regular basis and in sufficient quantity to maintain their weight?
Finally, do the bad days outnumber the good days?


Veterinarian giving injection to dog

We can perform a wide variety of sterile surgical procedures. Whether your pet needs an elective procedure,such as spay/neuter or major surgery for an illness or injury. We can also schedule a board certified veterinary surgeon to perform surgeries at our clinic. We are equipped to monitor them through surgery and into recovery safely.

In House Veterinary Diagnostic Services


Blood work and urine analysis can be run at our clinic to assess major organ function prior to anesthesia  or starting certain medications. We use these results to customize your pet’s anesthesia and pain management protocol. We also use an outside lab if further blood tests are required.


Medicine tab

We carry the most current antibiotics, supplements, vitamins, dental care products, pain medication, flea/tick, and heartworm preventatives your pet may need.


gray cat laser therapy

Abdominal ultrasound assists us in diagnosing diseases of the abdomen by giving us very detailed images of major organ systems that we cannot visualize with x rays alone.
We can schedule ultrasound procedures at the convenience of our location.


veterinarian with stethoscope is examining cat

If your pet is diagnosed with a heart murmur or arrhythmia we can schedule a cardiology consultation with a boarded  veterinary cardiologist at the convenience of our location. The consultation includes an echocardiogram, blood pressure, ECG, and treatment plan.